VoIP Hardware Expand Your Options

While VoIP software will most likely retain its popularity with certain segments of people, most cable and phone companies offer hardware-based VoIP services. They bundle this with other packages they have to offer, and provide it all at one cost. VoIP hardware tends to be more costly than VoIP software, but it is also much easier to configure. The only requirements to get started are a broadband connection and a router. A VoIP hardware connection would entail plugging a phone into a converter box, which, is then connected to your broadband modem.

The advantage to a hardware connection is that you can make a call to anyone, even someone without the same service as you. This is a limitation some VoIP software providers have. Likewise, you can receive a call from anyone also. In addition, there are no hardware or software requirements between the sender and receiver. This really opens up the playing field. Another benefit is that a VoIP hardware connection is not dependent on its location.

If you have to travel, all you have to do is simply take your VoIP phone adapter with you and plug it into any available broadband connection wherever you are. If you move to another house, there is no disconnection or change in phone number. You can have smooth and steady service. How much easier can it get? There are different devices you can use to establish your VoIP hardware connection. One is an analog telephone adaptor (ATA). It links the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) telephone system and the VoIP network by converting your voice to digital before reaching the Internet.

On one end it would be linked to an Internet connection router or modem, and the other end would be connected to a phone. Since the ATA is connected directly to the VoIP service provider, it eliminates the need for a computer or any type of software. You also don't have to purchase any special phone to use it since it will work on your current phone. IP phones are another hardware option. They look like a regular phone, feel like a regular phone, but have an Ethernet connection to the Internet instead of a phone line. VoIP gateways, bridge a telephone network and equipment to VoIP networks.

They combine a router and a voice over an IP adapter in a single device. They are often referred to as FXS (Foreign Exchange Station) devices. If you have a laptop to use at home and want to move from room to room with it, you can set up a wireless gateway. The hardware requirements to establish VoIP are minimal. Often, it is included in the applicable startup costs when you establish a service plan with a provider.

VoIP hardware possesses higher voice quality, greater reliability and more flexibility. And you can also count on savings. Taking advantage of this is just a matter of looking around and finding out what is available, what you want it for and how you are going to use it.

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VoIP Hardware Expand Your Options - While VoIP software will most likely retain its popularity with certain segments of people, most cable and phone companies offer hardware-based VoIP services.


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