Things Mapping Software Can Do For You

1. With mapping software you can create a report that tracks your retirement plan for you. 2. Use mapping software to create an Executive Dashboard, which tracks the bottom line. 3.

Use mapping software to find the snowfall reports for your favorite ski resorts in Idaho. 4. You can even use mapping software to explore an interactive map of India for school reports, business, or travel. 5. Track your store incoming and outgoing inventory, including shipping information and warehouse location, mapping software. 6.

You can conveniently book your own airline seat, so you don't need to worry if you are a "window person" as opposed to an "aisle person." 7. Know the who, what, when, where, and how of your department by using mapping data to interactively manage your department. 8.

Receive production information in real-time reports. 9. Look up CIA World Facts online to see how you can look up virtually everything you wanted to know about geographical and population statistics. 10. Get your daily stock quotes, or track their changes over time. 11.

Create interactive marketing reports that can be "drilled down" from general to specific trends and statistics. 12. Track and manage personal, department, and company budgets.

13. You can track sales and revenue trends for multiple stores on a national or even global scale. 14. Create managerial and employee training using mapping software. Learn processes and procedures in an interactive setting. 15.

Create interactive documents. This is especially helpful in examining large documents with various notes and headings. The U. S.

Constitution is available in an interactive online format with mapping software. 16. If you are interested in researching national cancer rates, they are readily available in an interactive format with mapping software. 17. Land developers can find latitudes and longitudes, as well as other helpful geographical information on interactive maps.

18. Using mapping software, customer trends can be tracked, even down to the zip code. 19.

You can track your monthly expenses, such as phone bills. 20. Track store receipts for company or personal records using mapping software. 21. Access executive dashboards, as well as other interactive maps on a PDA or other wireless devices.

22. Are you traveling to another country? You can look up cultures, government information, climate information, and anything else you need to be prepared. 23. Convert all HTML documents to PDF for easy printing and paper records.

24. You can track inflation and deflation, as well as other economic variables. 25. Anything Else You Dream Up.

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