Todays Technology Is Far Ahead Of Our Thoughts

When we look at today's technology we will be forced to admit that we did not expect such a revolution. Though we thought computers would serve the purpose a great deal, we never thought that they would become so advanced today. Technology has allowed getting far ahead of what we even dreamed of a few years back.

Most of the time, we can relate this to the Internet and computers. Ever since technology has advanced such a great deal, our daily lives have become simpler. It has become so simple that we hardly move out of our homes.

Everything is automated or just a click away. Is this a positive growth? While in many ways we can say that it is, we can also say that it has allowed us to take things for granted. We no longer want to be socially of physically active.

But looking back, we can also conclude that without today's technology, we cannot perform as much as we are doing today. The last part of the twentieth century as well as the new millennium has seen a phenomenal evolution in technology especially the use of computers and the Internet. Without these two commodities, our lives would be empty today.

Technology is also a must today, as it does not serve only one purpose. Right from educational institutions to government organizations, we use the latest technology, without which we would all be a blank. Besides being able to store a great deal of information, we are also able to complete other tasks easily.

Technology is constantly changing as well, and much faster than what we can actually think about. It is also allowing us to do what we never thought of doing, such as electronic mail or online gaming, which even now seems like a thing of the future.

Andy Tao
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