The Device Control and Security Management

Integration allows instant search access to the DeviceLock database containing comprehensive logging and shadow data for verifying security standards compliance BETHESDA, Md. -- DeviceLock endpoint leakage prevention software enables security administrators to centrally control, log and audit end-user access to peripheral devices and local ports from enterprise systems. Native integration with Microsoft Active Directory[R] results in easy deployment and administration, while comprehensive event and shadow logging provide invaluable information for verifying security standards compliance. "After conducting a thorough comparison among a dozen full-text search products available on the market today, we chose dtSearch because of its unbeatable speed and wide range of covered data sources, including files of all popular types stored as SQL database BLOBs," said Ashot Oganesyan, DeviceLock Founder and CTO. "dtSearch also offered an incredible functional set, enabling easy analysis of the silos of unstructured log and shadow data in the DeviceLock central database.

The end result lets DeviceLock reliably detect and quickly retrieve any data related to security policy violations." "We understand from DeviceLock that integration of the dtSearch Engine has facilitated access to DeviceLock's central data repository and greatly enhanced the ability of security administrators, auditors and investigators to retrieve critical data," said Kate Tretter, Vice President of Marketing at dtSearch Corp. "We welcome the opportunity to work with DeviceLock in fulfilling this important enterprise security function.

" dtSearch Engine. The dtSearch Engine provides instant searching of terabytes of data. The software can index over a terabyte of text in a single index--as well as create and instantly search an unlimited number of indexes. The dtSearch Engine can search static and dynamic web-based data sources, popular "Office" file types, and SQL and other databases (including support for BLOB data). The product also supports distributed or federated searching, with integrated relevancy ranking. The dtSearch Engine provides over two dozen search options, with Unicode support covering hundreds of international languages.

After a search, the dtSearch Engine can display web-based documents WYSIWYG, with all links and images intact, and the sole addition of highlighted hits. The dtSearch Engine comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, for both Win & .NET and Linux. For programmers, the product offers C++, Java and .NET API access, including 64-bit .NET access to dtSearch's built-in Spider technology.

DeviceLock. DeviceLock endpoint leakage prevention software enables security administrators to centrally control, log and audit end-user access to any type of peripheral devices and local ports at corporate computers. Covered devices and ports include USB and FireWire devices, WiFi and Bluetooth adapters, CD-Rom and floppy drives, and serial and parallel ports. DeviceLock also supports PDAs, smartphones and many other plug-and-play devices, as well as blocks USB and PS/2 hardware keyloggers. Using Microsoft Active Directory[R] integration, DeviceLock can be deployed, managed and administered completely from within an existing Microsoft AD installation without an additional management server. At the same time, DeviceLock supports non-Active Directory environments with the full set of management and administration functions available through the DeviceLock Enterprise Manager server.

Among many DeviceLock's advantages are its ability to generate comprehensive logs of all user activities related to locally connected devices and its ability to shadow-copy any data that users export through local ports and interfaces of their computers. This includes unique support for event logging and data shadowing covering any printing operations and local synchronizations between corporate PCs and employees' personal mobile devices that run Windows Mobile or Palm OS. All event and shadow log data are automatically collected to a central server and stored in Microsoft SQL or any existing ODBC-compliant SQL database.

The data can be reviewed through built-in audit log and shadow log viewers. This comprehensive event and shadow log central repository contains invaluable information for verifying an organization's compliance with applicable governmental and business information security standards, managing corporate security policy, and auditing end-user and DeviceLock administrator activities. The event and shadow log can also be used to detect negligent and accidental mistakes, investigate deliberate misconduct or malicious action, perform forensic analysis, and extract evidential materials for criminal proceedings. About DeviceLock, Since its inception in 1996 as SmartLine, DeviceLock, Inc.

has been providing endpoint device control software solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries. Protecting more than 3 million computers in over 55,000 organizations worldwide, DeviceLock has a vast range of corporate customers including financial institutions, state and federal government agencies, classified military networks, healthcare providers, telecommunications companies, and educational institutions. DeviceLock, Inc. is an international organization with offices in San Ramon (California), London (UK), Ratingen (Germany), Moscow (Russia) and Milan (Italy).

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