iPhone Downloads Versus Fax Machines

What do these two pieces of technology have is common? Not much. Looking at a fax machine you would think a piece of equipment that every business has and seemingly outdated. The iPhone is one of the most novel pieces of technology to come out in the last ten years and is seen as a fashion accessory and not a piece of office equipment. The comparison lies in the beginnings of the fax machine and what the fax machine created. When the fax machine first came out if you were one of the first to buy one who were you faxing? You faxed the only other person with a fax machine. Today, it is hard to image a business that doesn't have one of these pieces of equipment.

So how did we go from having just one fax machine to having millions? It was slow, but with the addition of each fax machine the amount of people you could fax grew. As this number grew, the value of having a fax machine also grew. So as the value increased, the demand also increased and now, you can't walk into a office without finding one. This is what is known as Metcalfe's Law. Mathematically explained the value of the network is equal to the square of its users. Hence the fax machine created its own network.

iPhones, specifically iPhone download sites, are now following the same path as the fax machine. iPhone download sites use a file sharing technology call BitTorrent or just called torrents, which allows you to download files from your peers on a network. If you were one of the first people to explore this technology, you didn't have many options of who you could download from and what files were available. With every new peer that joined, your options grew and so did the download speeds.

Iphone torrents have created their own network and the difference is time. With the release of the phone in January of 2007, several iPhone download sites have already come of age. They offer millions of downloads ranging from iPhone movies, iPhone ringtones, to iPhone games. Several of these are one time fees for life and you can download as much as you want. As people join these iPhone Download sites, just like getting a fax machine, the network value grows as well as the options of downloads and download speeds for all.

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